Kuwait is back.

This interview was taken by me and my colleague Noura AlJiran we used voice record application to record this interview and audacity program to edit

This interview took place on Wednesday, 12th of February, and was with a Kuwaiti prisoner Rashid Al-Anzi, as he is known as a doctor of International Law. Our professor assigned us to do an audio story interview on the occasion of Kuwait national day. As he requested to make an interview with any character of our choice. We choose Dr. Rashid Al-Anzi as a prisoner who was arrested by the Iraqis in the brutal Iraqi invasion against Kuwait. We asked many questions concerning the crisis at this time how they suffered after being arrested as he said it was very difficult and it was the worst 33 days that he lived, he thought about his family and children and what they’re going through, especially after they moved out of Kuwait and the situation became worse. 

He noted that after taking him from his home he was sure that his family was safe and he added that they moved to more than one place and regions, while they were in Basra, Kuwait was liberated and we were worried because we know that in this day many people die. Said Dr. Rashid, after being arrested my civil ID was found in one of the police stations and I actually don’t know why I was arrested and whether or not I was targeted because a lot of people were arrested to. Overtime the situations became a daily routine and we started to get used to it, we also noticed that many Iraqi guards were not satisfied with the situation and some of them have owned a Kuwaiti family .

The worst moment to is when we flew over Kuwait and Kuwait was burning it was a moment to cry for. We also asked about what was his feeling when he arrived back to Kuwait and he answered that he went back home and did not find any of his family no one was there and he was terrified after he went to his father house and everyone was there, and he cried as soon as he saw his mother.Thanks to god, the whole crisis ended with liberation, and the joy of who returned back to their families. Kuwait is back. We asked Dr. Rashid what do you think of the Kuwait celebration of national and liberation day these days, he answered that national and liberation day is a symbol of our salvation, and it’s something sacred to us, but the way of expression is wrong and has to be changed.


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