My Experience

This is my first experience creating my own blog , at the beginning the idea of creating a blog is so exciting and its confusing how I will work on something new , so day one Dr.Eisa explained to us that this subject requires effort & hard work and that’s makes me scared and excited at the same time. The first day using this website was a bit hard trying to catch up and make sure that everything is on the right track. After using it more at home I figured out most of the skills and realized how easy it is and I’m really looking forward to learn more. At last, I didn’t know what theme will suite me more so I decided to keep it simple. “Simplicity is the key to brilliance” .


And That’s A Rap.

The goal of our topic is to focus on Kuwaiti talents, specifically handicraft professionals, i learned a lot from them and every interview had  something new to learn and one of the most important things that I noticed is that a person should not give up his dream and his passion, whatever the circumstances was.

Finally, after having a full work day and trying our best to complete our project we finally did it, I struggled a lot especially in the audio story editing it took me 3 hours to make sure that its clear and clean it got deleted twice, it had many informations but i tried to put what’s important and what attracts the listener. After all I’m really happy that we were able to make it I was scared that we will not be able to finish the project on time but we did thanks god, even though we had some difficulties but I’m proud we managed to overcome them, I really learned to never give up specially in this course I was always ready to try my best and work over and over even if there was mistakes. we have reached the end of the course so we can share with you what we learned, I’m happy that I had the chance to work on this project I think we achieved in a short period of time in, despite the circumstances, we have reached this conclusion and I wish that our work grabs your attention and I hope you enjoy watching our talented guests.



Working on the website, just finished our photo story which took place in a knifeMaker workshop , the place was crowded with materials and machines which made us not have a clean place to take photos in but we tried our best to take good photos of a really professional work, this project was full of inspiration and important details that helps in our life , if a person is talented never give up his talent and try to achieve even if he don’t have all the support, he have to be able to overcome all the difficulties that faces him, sometimes our talent doesn’t attract the viewer depending on the differences of mentalities, ideas and ages. Don’t give up when something goes wrong and try your best to improve your skills and to give the best you have to any project your working on.

Always follow your dream and passion.

Final Project #1

Today is the first day in filming the final project, the photography was in the House of Al-Othman Museum, and the photography was with Lubna Saif Abbas, who is an artist in smelting, glass shaping and beadwork.Lubna was so helpful and had a beautiful personality which was a pleasure to us to work with her. We didn’t notice the time  because of the beautiful interview.

In this interview we paid attention to the details that Dr. Essa guided us to, which is that we should focus on shooting more b-roll in the interview. 

 Stay tuned to see the art of Lubna Abbas I hope you like it as much as we did. 

Course Feedback

In this academic year, many things happened, including the spread of Corona disease, which affected the study in general in Kuwait, and among them the universities stopped studying for a long period until the decision was made to complete the school year online. In the beginning, the issue was difficult, especially because this thing was applied for the first time in Kuwait, and anxiety was a big part in the first days, but after a period I adapted to the situation and the issue became easy, but I faced some difficulties in the classes which had projects that I had to complete especially that my registered units are all important and major classes so I was trying to do my best in all of my classes I breakdown in some assignment but I still have hope till the end of the course and in my finals hoping that I get good grades. Multimedia class was my favorite this course I’m the type of person that loves to work and like classes that has movement, work , assignments , event and more for me these classes are not boring like others that are just attending classes and getting tested at the end, I might have some mistakes in this semester and struggled, but I’m willing to learn more and more and I really benefited and learned new stuff that may help me in future and I noticed that I would like to know more and learn deeply about what I have took in this course after to be more professional. 

This subject was fun and had many experiences which will help me in my life and career in future, I’m thankful for this opportunity, and thanks to Dr.Eisa for making it fun, easy and for being helpful till the end and made sure that we all understood this course material.

I hope that we all did good.


How to be creative?

Creativity requires a person to be on his own nature, and this depends most of the time on the environment of the person himself. It is possible for a person to be shy at all times and even in some topics and discussions even if he knows the topic that is being talked about, but he prefers to remain silent and not participate and that will not improve his social life because he does not share his ideas and thoughts, which makes others see him as a failure and a untrustworthy person, and it could be the exact opposite. A person must be confident of himself and not be afraid of mistakes, as many people make mistakes even if they are the most intelligent and smart ones, but the person should know that these mistakes help him in the future and it is possible to know new information from others, confident make you a better and a professional speaker, and that makes the people around you trust you because they see how you are capable and confident while your speaking. I read in one of the books that are about creativity one of the topics are ( speak as your the official speaker ) “a creative person is always ready to deliver the message to people filled with all his psychological and mental needs”.

Don’t Give Up

In this world, each person goes through many situations and problems that we don’t expect, and may fail in many of the experiences that we go through, and sometime we reach a stage that we think that we cannot overcome what happened and its the end, and that’s not true. Each situation a person goes through is a lesson of life that we must be strong to override it and never be weak. I have a convication that life is not always successful ,and we can stumble over it in anytime, but I believe that we have the courage and strength to go through it and continue with all its goods & bad.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill.

New Interests

In this course, I learned and gained new interests, which includes radio and television script writing, this thing attracted me a-lot and took my attentions which made me want to learn more in script writing, since I have a friend who is a specialist in this field he started helping me to know the rules of writing a correct script and how to write the idea, I also searched more on this topic in the internet and that helped me in my course classes and in my public relations campaign class taught by Dr. Ahmed Sharif, he asked us to make a radio and television advertisement, and that requires writing a script to implement these ads, and I hope that I learn new things that’s helps me in my major.

Yahya Jragh

Yahya Jragh, a professional wood handicraft who started working in a small workshop at home with the help of his father, things started with a small bird cage, after that Yahya developed himself and started to work at home and use any wood that is not needed and recycled it to a wood piece. After years of working at home he decided to have his own workshop, and with time Yahya began to take courses to develop his talent more.

Today Yahya is one of the best professionals in handicrafts who has his own touches and premium pieces.

Video Update

After editing the interview by using iMovie I recognized that there was many mistakes in terms of sound and lighting that we didn’t notice while shooting , the interview took place in the private workshop, sadly the place was dark so we used lightings to start our interview and this caused us a problem, which is the shadow resulting from light and movement. secondly, the location of the place was really noisy and was annoying, and this thing caused us problems during filming, and we had to repeat the filming more than once in order to avoid street sounds, and with that, some errors were discovered during the editing of the video we used the background reducer to try and hide some street noise which showed during the interview .

As I mentioned before Yahya was really kind and friendly he tried his best to make us have what we needed for our video project even after repeating the interview more than once which made us more comfortable with working with him.

The interview that we got the chance to do in this course really helped me in my social life and Im looking forward to have more chances to improve my self in the field of photography and making interviews with talented people.

Video Review

We were assigned to interview a person for a class project and after several discussions between me and my colleagues we decided to interview a professional craftsman named Yahya Jragh, the interview took place in Shuwaikh Industrial (private workshop) , Sunday 6th of September, it was a good place to have our interview but we had some issues with the street noise which we wish we can figure it out , Yahya was very friendly and tried to help a lot and made sure that we got every thing we needed for this project.