And That’s A Rap.

The goal of our topic is to focus on Kuwaiti talents, specifically handicraft professionals, i learned a lot from them and every interview had  something new to learn and one of the most important things that I noticed is that a person should not give up his dream and his passion, whatever the circumstances was.

Finally, after having a full work day and trying our best to complete our project we finally did it, I struggled a lot especially in the audio story editing it took me 3 hours to make sure that its clear and clean it got deleted twice, it had many informations but i tried to put what’s important and what attracts the listener. After all I’m really happy that we were able to make it I was scared that we will not be able to finish the project on time but we did thanks god, even though we had some difficulties but I’m proud we managed to overcome them, I really learned to never give up specially in this course I was always ready to try my best and work over and over even if there was mistakes. we have reached the end of the course so we can share with you what we learned, I’m happy that I had the chance to work on this project I think we achieved in a short period of time in, despite the circumstances, we have reached this conclusion and I wish that our work grabs your attention and I hope you enjoy watching our talented guests.


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