Video Update

After editing the interview by using iMovie I recognized that there was many mistakes in terms of sound and lighting that we didn’t notice while shooting , the interview took place in the private workshop, sadly the place was dark so we used lightings to start our interview and this caused us a problem, which is the shadow resulting from light and movement. secondly, the location of the place was really noisy and was annoying, and this thing caused us problems during filming, and we had to repeat the filming more than once in order to avoid street sounds, and with that, some errors were discovered during the editing of the video we used the background reducer to try and hide some street noise which showed during the interview .

As I mentioned before Yahya was really kind and friendly he tried his best to make us have what we needed for our video project even after repeating the interview more than once which made us more comfortable with working with him.

The interview that we got the chance to do in this course really helped me in my social life and Im looking forward to have more chances to improve my self in the field of photography and making interviews with talented people.


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