How to be creative?

Creativity requires a person to be on his own nature, and this depends most of the time on the environment of the person himself. It is possible for a person to be shy at all times and even in some topics and discussions even if he knows the topic that is being talked about, but he prefers to remain silent and not participate and that will not improve his social life because he does not share his ideas and thoughts, which makes others see him as a failure and a untrustworthy person, and it could be the exact opposite. A person must be confident of himself and not be afraid of mistakes, as many people make mistakes even if they are the most intelligent and smart ones, but the person should know that these mistakes help him in the future and it is possible to know new information from others, confident make you a better and a professional speaker, and that makes the people around you trust you because they see how you are capable and confident while your speaking. I read in one of the books that are about creativity one of the topics are ( speak as your the official speaker ) “a creative person is always ready to deliver the message to people filled with all his psychological and mental needs”.


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