Course Feedback

In this academic year, many things happened, including the spread of Corona disease, which affected the study in general in Kuwait, and among them the universities stopped studying for a long period until the decision was made to complete the school year online. In the beginning, the issue was difficult, especially because this thing was applied for the first time in Kuwait, and anxiety was a big part in the first days, but after a period I adapted to the situation and the issue became easy, but I faced some difficulties in the classes which had projects that I had to complete especially that my registered units are all important and major classes so I was trying to do my best in all of my classes I breakdown in some assignment but I still have hope till the end of the course and in my finals hoping that I get good grades. Multimedia class was my favorite this course I’m the type of person that loves to work and like classes that has movement, work , assignments , event and more for me these classes are not boring like others that are just attending classes and getting tested at the end, I might have some mistakes in this semester and struggled, but I’m willing to learn more and more and I really benefited and learned new stuff that may help me in future and I noticed that I would like to know more and learn deeply about what I have took in this course after to be more professional. 

This subject was fun and had many experiences which will help me in my life and career in future, I’m thankful for this opportunity, and thanks to Dr.Eisa for making it fun, easy and for being helpful till the end and made sure that we all understood this course material.

I hope that we all did good.


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