Today, 4th of august the Arab world surprised by a terrible explosion in Beirut, which indicated that there are many victims due to the bomb. Many clips of the people of Lebanon were circulated on the media, and many people of the Arab world published pictures and posted praying for Lebanon on their lost and showed there sadness to what happened to them.

All the news today is talking about the explosion in Lebanon, and they will investigate the cause of the explosion. Many people, including celebrities in Lebanon, their homes got destroyed because of the bomb. According to the latest news from Lebanon, there are 40 dead and 2,500 injured.

I actually never been to Lebanon, but I really love this country and I have friends there Im really sad for what they are going through right know, and I hope that the rest of the people will be safe and take care until the cause of this terrible explosion is known.

Pray for Lebanon.


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