The Gold Market

For my photo story I thought about many places to take pictures of but I was confused about the idea, I changed my story more than once and at last I decided to go to the gold market in Souq Al-Mubarkiya especially after the rise of the gold prices, I was shocked and didn’t expect the amount of people who where in the market to buy gold jewelery. What I really liked that all the stores provided health protection and legal entry for a certain number of people. I tried to take permission from most of the shops so I can take pictures some of them rejected and the others where very helpful as much as they can after I told them that I came for my class project.

I’m not a gold person but while I was in the market I asked about gold and the differences. Every piece of gold has specific weight according to the design and style of it , and the more weight, the higher the price. Every piece has its own factory price and the price of workmanship varies from one piece to another and it depends from which country is the gold from if its from Kuwait or no. And there are many famous and wanted pieces in the market. What I really liked that gold fits for all ages.


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