An unmarried Mother

Shaima Mahmoud, 40 years old , a mother of a little girl called Layla. Shaima had the opportunity to adopt a baby, yet, everything has changed after the adoption of baby Layla. She had to choose from several children, but Layla is the child who took her heart; shaima said, “I’m sure that Layla chose me”.
I always wished for a baby girl my entire life, especially that I am the first person that layla layed her eyes on. God gifted me with precious layla when she was one month old.

With layla i felt what a real mom is, one that raises not just gives birth!

According to the nursing home, Shaima was conditioned to take a treatment course to be able to adopt; therefore, to be able to breast feed baby Layla.
Shaima was encountered with numerous bitter words from several people regarding her adoption.
Eventually, Shaima explained more about her life and she still thinks about getting married; yet with a man who accepts her and her adopted daughter.

“The world must accept those kids, they are our children and we are their mothers”.


Shaima is a strong woman who believed she can take care of a baby child who has been, unfortunately, abandoned by her parents. The story was incredibly emotional and I believe that Layla grew up as a happy child.

Ever since ancient times, a timeworn aspect, countless women neither had the chance to give birth or get married. Accordingly, by accepting these abandoned kids, we are giving them the lives that everyone is entitled to. We have to accept adoption; by doing so, we are enhancing both our lives and the lives of abandoned children around the world by giving them the opportunity to live a decent life and a safe environment.

In conclusion, I believe that strong women like Shaima are considered as idols to myself and to all the women out there because she had the will and capability to take on such responsibility by herself. Strong women, such as Shaima, are powerful enough to do anything they put their minds into!


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