My First Video

For my first video I interviewed The Hubs owner, Abdulaziz Al-Otaibi. It was an intriguing experience and I have learnt a lot. Sadly, the time I conducted the interview, the coffee shop was a bit crowded and was unable to take certain shots the way I wanted, also, noise was a big factor that I had a trouble with. Nevertheless, I was up to the challenge and tried my best. My past experience in editing, iMovie, was really beneficial and helpful.

I have gained so much from this video because I had the opportunity to expand my social skills which greatly boosted my self-esteem. I hope i get more chances like this to improve my capability in photography. My professor has taught me a lot and it was a great deal of help. I look forward to learning more and enlighten my interview/photography skills.

Video 1

An unmarried Mother

Shaima Mahmoud, 40 years old , a mother of a little girl called Layla. Shaima had the opportunity to adopt a baby, yet, everything has changed after the adoption of baby Layla. She had to choose from several children, but Layla is the child who took her heart; shaima said, “I’m sure that Layla chose me”.
I always wished for a baby girl my entire life, especially that I am the first person that layla layed her eyes on. God gifted me with precious layla when she was one month old.

With layla i felt what a real mom is, one that raises not just gives birth!

According to the nursing home, Shaima was conditioned to take a treatment course to be able to adopt; therefore, to be able to breast feed baby Layla.
Shaima was encountered with numerous bitter words from several people regarding her adoption.
Eventually, Shaima explained more about her life and she still thinks about getting married; yet with a man who accepts her and her adopted daughter.

“The world must accept those kids, they are our children and we are their mothers”.


Shaima is a strong woman who believed she can take care of a baby child who has been, unfortunately, abandoned by her parents. The story was incredibly emotional and I believe that Layla grew up as a happy child.

Ever since ancient times, a timeworn aspect, countless women neither had the chance to give birth or get married. Accordingly, by accepting these abandoned kids, we are giving them the lives that everyone is entitled to. We have to accept adoption; by doing so, we are enhancing both our lives and the lives of abandoned children around the world by giving them the opportunity to live a decent life and a safe environment.

In conclusion, I believe that strong women like Shaima are considered as idols to myself and to all the women out there because she had the will and capability to take on such responsibility by herself. Strong women, such as Shaima, are powerful enough to do anything they put their minds into!

The Gold Market

For my photo story I thought about many places to take pictures of but I was confused about the idea, I changed my story more than once and at last I decided to go to the gold market in Souq Al-Mubarkiya especially after the rise of the gold prices, I was shocked and didn’t expect the amount of people who where in the market to buy gold jewelery. What I really liked that all the stores provided health protection and legal entry for a certain number of people. I tried to take permission from most of the shops so I can take pictures some of them rejected and the others where very helpful as much as they can after I told them that I came for my class project.

I’m not a gold person but while I was in the market I asked about gold and the differences. Every piece of gold has specific weight according to the design and style of it , and the more weight, the higher the price. Every piece has its own factory price and the price of workmanship varies from one piece to another and it depends from which country is the gold from if its from Kuwait or no. And there are many famous and wanted pieces in the market. What I really liked that gold fits for all ages.


Today, 4th of august the Arab world surprised by a terrible explosion in Beirut, which indicated that there are many victims due to the bomb. Many clips of the people of Lebanon were circulated on the media, and many people of the Arab world published pictures and posted praying for Lebanon on their lost and showed there sadness to what happened to them.

All the news today is talking about the explosion in Lebanon, and they will investigate the cause of the explosion. Many people, including celebrities in Lebanon, their homes got destroyed because of the bomb. According to the latest news from Lebanon, there are 40 dead and 2,500 injured.

I actually never been to Lebanon, but I really love this country and I have friends there Im really sad for what they are going through right know, and I hope that the rest of the people will be safe and take care until the cause of this terrible explosion is known.

Pray for Lebanon.

The New Normal

Weeks ago Things started to to get back to normal in  Kuwait, however
With some preventive conditions in place to reduce the number of infections of covid-19, which the citizen must follow, and there is a health awareness for the general public to maintain health under the guidance  of the Ministry of Health. People are slowly getting used to the new life. I think it's an important step to us to get back to life because in this crisis the state budget was affected and the economy collapsed.

In conclusion, people became fully aware in all respects and appreciated the health and self-care.
And in my opinion on the positive side Covid 19 disease was not a tune but rather a blessing that changed many things in this crisis and most of it was for the benefit of society in terms of health awareness. Finally, keep social spacing , health protection and keep safe.

On Hold

Within two weeks , the situation in Kuwait changed suddenly with the detection of coronavirus disease. Kuwait has taken the necessary measures for the safety of citizens and state, as well as the ministry of health and interior are keeping us up to date, decision was taken to disable the schools, universities and colleges until the situation is known and solve which makes us not sure and worried, what will happen are we getting back to our course and continue or no ?, hoping everything gets back to normal. With my best wishes for health and wellness to all.

Kuwait is back.

This interview was taken by me and my colleague Noura AlJiran we used voice record application to record this interview and audacity program to edit

This interview took place on Wednesday, 12th of February, and was with a Kuwaiti prisoner Rashid Al-Anzi, as he is known as a doctor of International Law. Our professor assigned us to do an audio story interview on the occasion of Kuwait national day. As he requested to make an interview with any character of our choice. We choose Dr. Rashid Al-Anzi as a prisoner who was arrested by the Iraqis in the brutal Iraqi invasion against Kuwait. We asked many questions concerning the crisis at this time how they suffered after being arrested as he said it was very difficult and it was the worst 33 days that he lived, he thought about his family and children and what they’re going through, especially after they moved out of Kuwait and the situation became worse. 

He noted that after taking him from his home he was sure that his family was safe and he added that they moved to more than one place and regions, while they were in Basra, Kuwait was liberated and we were worried because we know that in this day many people die. Said Dr. Rashid, after being arrested my civil ID was found in one of the police stations and I actually don’t know why I was arrested and whether or not I was targeted because a lot of people were arrested to. Overtime the situations became a daily routine and we started to get used to it, we also noticed that many Iraqi guards were not satisfied with the situation and some of them have owned a Kuwaiti family .

The worst moment to is when we flew over Kuwait and Kuwait was burning it was a moment to cry for. We also asked about what was his feeling when he arrived back to Kuwait and he answered that he went back home and did not find any of his family no one was there and he was terrified after he went to his father house and everyone was there, and he cried as soon as he saw his mother.Thanks to god, the whole crisis ended with liberation, and the joy of who returned back to their families. Kuwait is back. We asked Dr. Rashid what do you think of the Kuwait celebration of national and liberation day these days, he answered that national and liberation day is a symbol of our salvation, and it’s something sacred to us, but the way of expression is wrong and has to be changed.

First photo and editing experiance

These pictures are taken in Kuwait University, collage of art February event of Kuwaits national day. Taken by iPhone 11 & edited by Lightroom application.

In this picture I used the exposure to give the picture a warm lighting adding the effect of whites and blacks too, I also gave it a touch of texture to give the feeling of consistency in the picture.

I took this picture in a different angle to show the drawing of the emir of Kuwait Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah , I concentrated in this picture to make it focused in the middle and blurred by the edges by using the vignette effect and highlights.

In this picture I used the exposure , blacks to make it darker, I also added a bit of purple tint and saturation to show the intensity of the colors in the picture.


My Experience

This is my first experience creating my own blog , at the beginning the idea of creating a blog is so exciting and its confusing how I will work on something new , so day one Dr.Eisa explained to us that this subject requires effort & hard work and that’s makes me scared and excited at the same time. The first day using this website was a bit hard trying to catch up and make sure that everything is on the right track. After using it more at home I figured out most of the skills and realized how easy it is and I’m really looking forward to learn more. At last, I didn’t know what theme will suite me more so I decided to keep it simple. “Simplicity is the key to brilliance” .